The NYU Stern School of Business has four values: (1) Excellence, Unbound by Tradition, (2) IQ and EQ, (3) Radically Responsible, and (4) Uncommonly Connected. The insights gained and preferences discovered while completing your foundation coursework will serve as a guide as you choose your area of specialization, called concentrations. Total Units. The Bachelor of Science in Business degree integrates an exceptional business education with a grounding in the liberal arts. You can choose from 17 partner schools in unique locations such as Singapore, South Korea, Denmark, and Thailand as well as locations that already have NYU academic centers like Paris or Sydney. . This concentration relies on a higher level of abstraction and focuses on techniques of economic analysis rather than on the understanding of specific economic problems or institutions. The NYU Stern Learning Science Lab is a team of creatives, educators, designers, and technologists who work closely with faculty to create engaging and interactive courses. 0000000016 00000 n BS in Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship, BS in Business/BFA in Film and Television, Sustainabilityfor Competitive Advantage (BSPA-UB 68), Three (3) courses (at least 12 credits), one from each of the following sections: Issue Area, Discipline, and Practicum, Economic Inequality: Perspectives and Practices (BSPA-UB 43), Global Business & Human Rights (BSPA-UB 47), Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Protein (BSPA-UB 50), Social Enterprise in Sustainable Food Business (BSPA-GB 2306), Driving Market Solutions for Clean Energy (BSPA-GB 2308), Business and the Environment (ECON-UB 225), Business Economy and Policy in Midst of COVID-19 (MULT-UB 24), Innovations and Strategies for Building a Progressive Social Enterprise (BSPA-UB 44), Theory & Practice of Sustainable Investing (BSPA-UB 48), Accounting for Sustainability (BSPA-UB 67), Managing Climate, Cyber, Geopolitical and Financial Risk (FINC-UB 75), Sustainability Impact Consulting in Costa Rica(BSPA-UB 45), Marketing for Impact: Strategies for Sustainable Business (BSPA-UB 51), Social Innovation Practicum (BSPA-UB 70), Experiential Learning Seminar: Social Impact Consulting (BSPA-UB 103), SIV: Social Entrepreneurship in Ghana(BSPA-UB 2000), NYU Impact Investment Fund (NIIF) (INTA-GB 3371). NYU Stern offers a wide range of options for MBA candidates beyond the traditional full-time format, including tech- and fashion-and-luxury-focused programs. The NYU Stern Undergraduate College offers 12 concentrations: Accounting Actuarial Science (STEM eligible) Computing and Data Science (STEM eligible) Economics Business Economics Econometrics & Quantitative Economics (STEM eligible) Entrepreneurship * Finance Global Business ** Management and Organizations Marketing Operations (STEM eligible) I loved marketing, but to succeed in M&A, I wanted to learn more about data science. NYU Stern's BS in Business degree, which the majority of NYU Stern students pursue, provides a strong foundation that spans key business disciplines. 0000037987 00000 n Senior Capstone. The new BS in Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship program at NYU Stern prepares students to transform the business world. Talk more about this coursework as well as academic or professional pathways in this field. Marketing is the part of the organization that serves as the interface between the firm and its customers. Sign On Did you forget your password? Students learn about the structure of markets and economies and the relationship between regions in the global economy at the CAS Department of Economics. At the same time, the summer before my senior year felt like an opportunity to try something new before committing to full-time work. Tell me you want to work on Wall Street without telling me you want to work on Wall Street. Expository Writing. Both programs make students eligible to apply for the NYU x NYU / Stern program. Join the NYU Mailing List Degree Advantage Major core curriculum that builds business acumen, analytical skills, leadership capabilities, and sports management skills. Professional electives in sports tech and innovation, entrepreneurship, finance and investment, and more. Likewise, it provides a solid foundation for any career. All courses require at least sophomore standing. Take courses in politics, pursue a minor in music, double major in computer science, and more. You may take no more than 6 credits (calculated at the Stern rate) in a given semester. What did these different concentrations actually mean? Contacts Jessica Neville, NYU Stern 802-540-0132 These three core components are foundations of every Stern business program, ensuring that all students receive a comprehensive, well-rounded . concentration declaration form on SternLife. At NYU Stern curriculum goes beyond the typical business school subjects, focusing on positive impact with a global perspective. For example, Competitive Analysis can count as an advanced marketing elective or as a Business Economics elective, but it cannot satisfy both requirements. I'm a student at New York University Stern School of Business. This core consists of: * Entrepreneurship can only be taken as co-concentrations. Marketing activities are both strategic and tactical. The total cost of the NYU Stern MBA program is $123,253 per year; this includes budgeted living expenses. Send PM. 0000001553 00000 n NYUs resources and community have played a really important role in helping Helen develop her interests, obtain internship offers, and ultimately provide security. Even as a CAS student, shes been able to get involved within Stern communities. 0000037822 00000 n Choosing a business school is already hard as it is. 14. I can positively say that it was the experience of a lifetime. The department requires that all economics majors take an exit exam before graduation. For either concentration, the major requires six core courses in Economics: Micro and Macroeconomics at the Principles level (ECON-UA 1 and 2), Statistics (ECON . Youll learn how to leverage economic tools and discover the nuances of the field. Teaching Fellow at the NYU Stern School of Business, have delivered the newest edition of . The problem? 0000035007 00000 n In addition to its specialized focus on tech and entrepreneurship, the BTE program includes a trifecta of unique core elementsthe Business Core, the Liberal Arts Core, and the Social Impact Core. I even kept my summer internship throughout my third year. 2023 Leonard N. Stern School of Business, Recruiting, Organizations, Collaborations, BS in Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship, BS in Business/BFA in Film and Television. When I first started at NYU, I only knew one thing: business intrigued me. I went through three concentration changes while learning the Stern Core Curriculum. Now, as a senior, I can confidently say I likely wouldnt have found what I love without NYU Sterns encouragement to explore different concentrations. At the start of my junior year, I spoke to Stern advising and changed my concentration to finance and marketing. Civic Engagement Current Students Giving to NYU Stern; This program offers highly qualified and motivated students the opportunity to pursue their MBA at Stern within two to five years after graduation. I have a track record of building and delivering transformative educational experiences in global markets. Please note: The program is designed for admitted NYU Law students. EXPOS-UA 1: Writing the Essay (4) ACE-UE 110: The Advanced College Essay (4) 8. To declare a concentration in Sustainable Business, you must fill out the concentration declaration form on SternLife. The only constant today is change, and Columbia Business School prepares its students not just to navigate change, but to use it to create new opportunities. hbbbd`b``3 1x4>W| Repeat this 2 or 3 times, 2) Take the smallest step first. UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAM. You will have the opportunity to specialize in your 4-course concentration(s), and the flexibility to choose from hundreds of liberal arts and elective courses across NYU. Courses by Semester Navigation Spring 2023 Global Site Courses Accra Honors students will write a senior thesis with help from faculty members. 0000014035 00000 n 0000051240 00000 n All Stern Fund gifts will support our COVID-19 response for Stern's students and community. Use, Microeconomics with Calculus (ECON-UB 2): this course is more quantitatively-based both on the topics covered and in the assessment. To declare a concentration in Marketing, you must. You are required to take 44 units of electives. You may also pursue a secondary major outside of Stern through the. Furthermore, Stern students are very active within their communities. New York University's Stern School of Business today (July 31) announced the launch of a new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) four-year undergraduate business degree. Students admitted to the program will also receive a $10,000 scholarship to be used for their MBA tuition! Economics provides the foundation for all business disciplines. 0000001359 00000 n I'm a mission-driven and entrepreneurial operator, educator, and product manager with 10+ years global experience across secondary and higher education, education technology, and upskilling and reskilling. A BS in Business and Political Economy is the other. Stern First Year London. How hard is it to get into NYU Stern's MBA program? As a first year, she joined a business fraternity (at Stern), which allowed her to meet a group of like-minded peers. Business. Age: 30 Hometown: Portsmouth, VA Undergraduate Institution and Major: North Carolina State University - Statistics and Economics Graduate Business School, Graduation Year and Concentration (if applicable): University of Chicago Booth School of Business 2020; Concentrations in Strategic Management . About. During your first few years at NYU Stern, you will sample each area of business study while completing your core classes. (B) No more than 6 credits in courses taught at Stern or other divisions of NYU (outside the Law School) may be counted toward the 24 credits you may need to qualify to sit for the New York Bar. For example, Marketing for Impact (BSPA-UB 51)can count as a Sustainable Business elective or Marketing elective, but it cannot satisfy both requirements. Select at least 4 of the 6 courses. I was stunned! NYU Stern is located in the heart of New York City. and a^2 is the area of the adjacent square. Course Course Number Planned/ Units Completed Principles of Managerial ACCT-UB 2 4 This data set summarizes growth rates from fundamentals (ROE * Retention Ratio) by industry group, reflecting what these companies can grow earnings per share at in steady state, if margins don't change. Business is evolving more rapidly than ever before. Area of an equilateral triangle is ( 3) 4 a 2, where a is the side of the triangle. MBA students at the Stern School of Business are grouped in blocks of about 60 before starting school, and this grouping will shape their two years of graduate school education. After returning, Jessica interned at Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan doing investment management. She interned for Imagine Easy, the company that created EasyBib. Speak with juniors and seniors with knowledge and experience in a wide range of popular industries. Login Be cybersecurity aware: Learn how to confirm that this is the legitimate NYU Login page. Reset Password Forgot NetID Activate NetID Accessibility Stern IO Seminar: "Auto Dealer Loan Intermediation Consumer Behavior and Competitive Effects" - Tobias Salz (MIT) . Well discuss the breakdown of the two programs so you can determine which is a better fit for you. my name is kriti kaushal and im a first-year at nyu stern studying business with a" On solving, we get. Previously a student at St. Agnes Academy, an all . Stern students pursuing the BS in Business Program may complete their first-year requirements at NYU's academic center in London. Students majoring in Economics have many options open to them after graduation. Marketing ensures the firm provides value to the consumer so that it can achieve its share, revenue, and profit objectives. major, complete a second Stern concentration, or sample an array of intellectual Course Course Number Planned/ Units Completed Total Units 44 NOTES NYU STERN FUNCTIONAL BUSINESS CORE Students must select at least 4 of the 6 courses in this core. Since your professors are actively engaged in research, youll have the opportunity to do your own research in the program too! 0000048878 00000 n 0000049545 00000 n The Social Impact Core reflects the communitys dedication to societys fundamental issues. 0000038014 00000 n Luckily, Stern advising is also available over the summer. she helped revise the organization's core program by . **Effective fall 2021, the Global Business co-concentration has been eliminated as an option starting with students who entered in fall 2022 and going forward. Here, there are two very strong programs to choose from. 0000018482 00000 n 0000021883 00000 n Youll learn the fundamentals and applications of economic theory. All Stern Fund gifts will support our COVID-19 response for Stern's students and community. Want to learn about studying economics across the global network? Learn more about the curriculum and required coursework. This program provides a unique opportunity to gain global experience and perspective one of the five pillars that are central to the Stern undergraduate program from day one. Submitting the nomination form will generate an email to the student directing them to complete their application by August 10, 2022.Please note that students must be nominated and complete an application in order to be considered for the program. I took a general economics course in high school, but my exposure to business matters was limited. Students are contacted by the department in their senior year with logistical details. NYU Stern Launches New BS in Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship for Undergraduate Business students. 8. Whats more, youll understand your own spending habits a bit better. During your first few years at NYU Stern, you will sample each area of business study while completing your core classes. 0 Both build on the various core principles of Stern: liberal arts, social impact, business tools, functional business, and global business. All Stern Fund gifts will support our COVID-19 response for Stern's students and community. BENEFITS OF CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP Corporate sponsorship for Stern's Executive MBA program has a number of benefits. Course Name. One of Sterns curricular requirements includes core coursework for at least four of the 12 concentrations. Do you need to activate your account? Both build on the various core principles of Stern: liberal arts, social impact, business tools, functional business, and global business. IBEX is a Stern-specific study away program open to juniors and seniors, which partners with top business schools across the globe. Youll find that this major meets requirements for medical or law school demands. The Business major with a concentration in business economics or econometrics and quantitative economics is the first option. Throughout your NYU Stern education, you will integrate top-rated business coursework with liberal arts classes to complete an academic program that will prepare you to succeed in todays fast-paced business world. Sign On. Current students who entered Stern prior to fall 2022 may continue to pursue this area of study. BUSINESS CONCENTRATION. Leveraging the resources of Stern and NYU at . TWO computer science majors! In a matter of hours, I was speaking to my adviser. To declare a concentration in Finance, you must fill out the. Feb 2023 - Present2 months. In other words, theory is for those who want a more formal approach to economic analysis. During Helens time at NYU so far, shes had a variety of internship opportunities and built a network of peers and professors at the University. The finance curriculum can be divided into two subfields: corporate finance and investments/capital markets. College Core Curriculum (CORE): 48 Credits. 0000037550 00000 n To double check, I told him that I was a senior and wanted to graduate on time. By your use of these resources, you agree. Talk more about this coursework as well as academic or professional pathways in this field. Required Functional Business Core Course: Foundations of Finance (FINC-UB 2) You are required to complete at least 12 credits of upper-level finance courses that consist of: Corporate Finance (FINC-UB 7) These courses make up the Functional Business Core. "We proudly name for their . You must select four of the following six courses; however, you are encouraged to take all six to gain a more solid foundation in business fundamentals, which can help you make better-informed decisions about which Stern concentration(s) to pursue. Meera Venkataraman, Chicago Booth MBA '20, Business Strategy Consultant at Microsoft. Search the NYU Stern Site Search . Natural Science (approved advanced standing credit may be applied): Any Physics (PHYS-UA); please note thatIntroductory Experimental Physics I (PHYS-UA 71) &Introductory Experimental Physics II (PHYS-UA 72) must both be taken to receive full credit toward the natural science requirement, ENVST-UA 100, 210, 226/9226, 254, 275/9275, 323, 360 (Not approved: ENVST-UA 101 or ENVST-UA 4XX/5XX) all other ENVST can be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, ANTH-UA 2, 50-59, 80, 90, 240, 326, 511, 512, SCIED-UE "Science in Our Lives" courses (must be 3 credits or more), If you take the IWW I (EXPOS-UA 4) and IWW II (EXPOS-UA 9) sequence or you transferred into Stern following your first year, you take Business and Society Intensive (SOIM-UB 3), Organizational Communication & Its Social Context (SOIM-UB 65), Professional Responsibility and Leadership (SOIM-UB 12), Microeconomics with Algebra (ECON-UB 1): this course includes multiple algebra and graphical problems and greater emphasis is placed on economic intuitions. Business with a Core Concentration in Data Science and Marketing Junior. If not for the encouragement, flexibility, and support of the Stern Core Curriculum at NYU, I would not be graduating certain of my major and excited for my path forward. 0000046939 00000 n Required Functional Business Core Course: Operations Management (OPMG-UB 1) You are required to complete 12 credits of upper-level operations courses that consist of: Two (2) required Operations courses Two (2) additional approved electives Again, he assured me that I could pursue data science. He told me there was no reason why I couldnt switch my concentrations to finance and data science. Activities and Societies: NYU Stern Student Council, NYU Wind Symphony, NYU's Stern "Social Impact Fellows" your professors are actively engaged in research. NYU Economics, housed within the division of Arts & Sciences, is one of the world's leading economic research departments. Business Partnerships Recruiting, Organizations, Collaborations. in Business with a concentration in Finance and Accounting. In comparison, my peers explored very different concentrations from me. The track you follow is based on one simple question: . Through this experience, I discovered and fell in love with marketing. I loved the flexibility to learn and that interns could get involved in projects. CAS also offers two joint majors: Computer Science and Economics and Economics and Mathematics. Each program listed below has special admission requirements. Majors & Programs A Unique Dual Degree Program in Business and Film Art meets enterprise in this five-year dual degree program, where students earn a BS in Business from Stern and a BFA in Film and Television from Tisch. This finance chart lists the advanced electives by the subfield to which they belong and the associated prerequisites. 2023 Leonard N. Stern School of Business, Recruiting, Organizations, Collaborations, fill out the concentration declaration form in Stern Life, BS in Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship, BS in Business/BFA in Film and Television, Research for Customer Insights (MKTG-UB 9), Six (6) credits of any approved marketing electives, Marketing for Impact: Strategies for Sustainable Business (BSPA-UB 51), Social Media & Digital Marketing (TECH-UB 38), Decision Making Under Uncertainty (MULT-UB 16), The Middle East: Culture, Markets & Strategy (MULT-UB 45), Fashion Industry: Creativity & Business (MULT-UB 104), The Dynamics of the Fashion Industry (MULT-UB 151). 2023 Leonard N. Stern School of Business, Recruiting, Organizations, Collaborations, Navigating a New Order: Business Responsibility and Opportunity in the Post-Trump Era. 0000051565 00000 n Arriving in my senior year at NYU Stern, I am now a Business major with concentrations in finance and data science. Students will follow CAS core curriculum grounded in a liberal arts foundation. Michael Posner is the Center's Director and the Jerome Kohlberg Professor of Ethics and Finance at NYU Stern. This data set summarizes historical growth in earnings and revenues, over the last 5 years, by industry. To declare a concentration in Sustainable Business, you must fill out the. Operations is concerned with the production and delivery of both physical goods and services. 0000034512 00000 n Required Functional Business Core Course: Introduction to Marketing (MKTG-UB 1) You are required to complete at least 12 credits of upper-level marketing courses that consist of: Im an ambitious student. The path was mine to choose, from marketing to sustainable business and operations to finance. Like no other text of its kind, Applied Corporate Finance, 4th Edition applies corporate nance to real companies. -1 Likes, 13 Comments - Tino 2023 Seniors (@tino23seniors) on Instagram: "hey yall! Plus, I learned a plethora of new skills surrounding data analytics. Plus, explore even more academic possibilities. 0000021511 00000 n All Stern Fund gifts will support our COVID-19 response for Stern's students and community. By combining business courses with a broad liberal arts foundation, you will develop the skills and intellectual sophistication to advance in your chosen field. If you are not concentrating in Finance but would like to have some exposure to corporate finance and investment/capital markets, Foundations of Finance (FINC-UB 2) followed by Corporate Finance (FINC-UB 7) provides an excellent overview of these two areas in finance. In both youll expand your vocabulary. By combining courses in business fundamentals with a broad-based liberal arts foundation, future business leaders are given the skills, expertise, and intellectual sophistication needed to advance in today's dynamic business environment. 2023 Leonard N. Stern School of Business, Recruiting, Organizations, Collaborations, concentration declaration form on Stern Life, BS in Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship, BS in Business/BFA in Film and Television, Financial Modeling & Analysis (ACCT-UB 23), Financial Statement Modeling (ACCT-GB 6300), Macroeconomic Foundations for Asset Prices (ECON-UB 233), Business, Economy, and Policy in Midst of COVID-19 (MULT-UB 24), Scientific Computing in Finance (MATH-GA 2048), Algorithmic Trading & Quantitative Strategies (MATH-GA 2708), Risk & Portfolio Management (MATH-GA 2751), Financial Securities & Markets (MATH-GA 2791). Through education, outreach, and research, the NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Business spreads its message: good business is green business. Founded in 2013, the NYU Stern Center for Business and Human Rights is the first center dedicated to human rights at a business school. I'm a student at the New York University Stern School of Business and I plan on majoring in Business with a Core Concentration in Finance and Marketing. Finance provides the technical and analytical skills necessary to understand how financial markets function, as well ashow businesses operate and make decisions within these markets. (c) Computing and Data Science courses (formerly INFO-UB) are now coded TECH-UB effective Spring 2020. New York, New York, United States. p: 4. It now contains six real-world core companies to study and . Once again, Handshake came to the rescue! Sign On Did you forget your password? %PDF-1.4 % This core consists of: Given the undeniably global scope of business in the 21st century, these courses are designed to broaden your view of the world from a business perspective. A New Yorker and Hong Konger in Berlin, Jaclyn is a 3x founder, investor, mentor, and educator with deep expertise in the culture, creative, and tech spaces and passion for empowerment, education, innovation, and curiosity.<br><br>Jaclyn has spearheaded marketing and overseen growth at some of the world's most exciting brands, such as JAY-Z's Roc Nation and Rebecca Minkoff, and partnered with . classes at Stern/NYU) ACCT-UB 1: 4. Of those units, at least 20 must be taken outside of Stern (excluding courses at the School of Professional Studies [SPS]). For all students who matriculated into NYU in Fall 2018 or later, there are two tracks to the Business Studies minor.