Rocket asked, as they nodded at him. No one else was there except for them. Carol and Nova heard it and they flew towards the Creator's face and punched it upwards. It shouted in pain and looked back at them, "I'm sure as hell it has our attention.". -Leave some honest reviews, please. --------- For those of you waiting on an update on my other story. A small-time thief gets a system in a magical world. He knew he wasnt alone in the universe but he also knew it would take time to find others. I don't want you to get bored from your job like Jesus. Disclaimer: Takes place over billions of years, many flashbacks. [Main Quest: Hero or Villain!] He has to train the skill and increase its proficiency in order to unlock further knowledge. |-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_| [Target has been found!] Lol) But what he didn't expect is that he would be transmigrated to a world much more than that, a world he knew very well, but instead of being given a system that would empower him, he was given a system that allowed him to make games, and the more people played, the more powers he would get. He had just gained awareness of the world around him a moment ago and everything was so disorienting, not to mention he couldnt recall anything recent., Tom was your normal average unemployed guy, whose life completely changed due to a sudden survey. Multiple pairings, never the same time. Quill asked in disgust and started shooting him more regularly. Quill, Nova, Adam and Carol all went out to confront the Celestial. Hello Emiko, Harry says back in greeting, voice as soft as the wind. Rocket said, sitting on the seat and placing the scanner down. Quill was wearing his usual mask and some small jet packs on his boots. No Rape, No NTR, No Yuri, No Yaoi I will try to refrain from using similar plots, characters, and other elements as much as possible but it is a given that some things I read from other fics will end up influencing how I write this story. I don't own Marvel and Chronicle. He was pretty sure these were all signs Hermione mentioned before. - Every character except the OC are owned by Marvel Multiple pairings, never the same time.Main Parings are: 1500s: Harry/Rowena, 1900s: Harry/OC, 2000s: Harry/Hill. They take us on a plane and we leave what I think is Japan. The ship started shooting him as well but it was doing little damage. [4th major world - One Piece - 229 - 300] ---------------- They were amongst the first in the universe, known as celestials to their creators. Rei: You know Kurohime can cut anything including space. #gotg Female Lead: Michelle Jones or MJ (Zendaya) TVA was responsible for all Nexus Events and Beings. [-Stealth Magic But what he didn't expect is that he would be transmigrated to a world much more than that, a world he knew very well, but instead of being given a system that would empower him, he was given a system that allowed him to make games, and the more people played, the more powers he would get. Her waist might be the narrowest waist that he had ever seen, and he was wondering how it felt to hug that waist. There, you can find extra chapters and several other novels posted by myself and a few people from Discord. Read and find out, instagram tiktok twitter facebook youtube, Translators & Editors Commercial Audio business Help & Service DMCA Notification Webnovel Forum Online service Vulnerability Report, Tags Download Apps Be an Author Help Center Privacy Policy Terms of Service Keywords Affiliate. He builds an Iron Man at the start! John shouted. [Welcome to Scumbag System!] 1.4M Views 36 Chs Content 4.2 54 ratings NO.200+ SUPPORT Synopsis What happens when a human is reincarnated as apart of an cosmic immortal race known as the space gods of the marvel universe THE CELESTIALS. Uchiha Obito should have died, but lived. Hello, this is a teaser for a new story I am writing. ____________________________ [10th major world - Full Metal Alchemist Bro. Once she was in, they flew away from the Creator. - 529 -584] #captainamerica Beware Deaths Champion. original. Therefore Harry Potter would wait for now, the Reborn Celestial would be known as, Hello, this is a teaser for a new story I am writing. "My son, enjoy yourself while working, okay!. Peter (15y/o) will get his powers in 2010. "While you were gone, we came up with plan B. ---. Looking for some hidden gems of marvel SI, avengers, MCU, X-men and the rest, or even combination of movies, comics etc is fine. She goes in and out slashing away at all the Ninjas. Thirdly, The mc isn't going to be some chad thunderc*ck guy. The truck slams into me and I die. Ninja: I can't believe you had a child with that outsider. ____________________________ So, I decide to go to the bank when I walk in on a robbery. New Patreon~! Touted as a universal cure, people had elevated his status above the norm and given him the classification "Panacea". When they were inside, Steve, Strange, Thor, Reed and T'Challa were standing there. Light Novel You May Like. Zeke travels through the parallel worlds and activates the Marvel Technology System! The Avengers founded a school to steer the new generation in becoming the next super heroes of tomorrow. However, after reaching 99%, it has stopped moving forward. doom!" I keep her around my neck. Also, Peter is 6 feet tall instead of Tom Hollands 58. Severus Snape: the youngest British potions Master in the past century, turning out only the best students from his NEWT classes. Weekly Power Status. and began a plan of seduction, I wanted to be a hero, a world leader, a father and a King, an avenger, and a Harem King. [3rd major world - Marvel - 107 - 228] Note to self: Don't get on moms, I stab my sword deeper into his shoulder. But I'll try to improve along the way. [9th major world - My Hero Academia - 493 -528] Nah, it couldnt be. They needed to do something to get his attention. He waits 13 billion years to live out a normal life on Earth realizing his life will never be normal. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Ps: There are still two open spots. Zen: You wasted my time. Harry gets a chance to save someone who never should have needed saving. Groot used his arms to reach her and drag her into the ship. She is wearing an Avengers Academy uniform. And with a twist of fate, the SSS rank gift pack has also come with him. ===== Rocket sadly said as he grabbed the controls, "Tell them we got beaten up.". "He was feeding on it!" 2 The picture is not owned by me. I look up and see a Japanese Woman and she is huge. All it gives him, is knowledge. Odin sends them both to Earth, and they end up stranded in 1940's MCU, her without her Asgardian powers or magic. It was much stronger than he had ever been before. You can specify how many points you want to give (minimum: 0, maximum: 0). A boy who was outcasted from society at a young age due to his inability to conform finds solace in reading numerous fantasy stories in place of human interaction. This one was more intrinsically tied to death and magic than any other in the still infant universe. Oneshot Naruto with a light-touch Harry Potter crossover. This wouldn't be as awesome without him. Arsonist fires his fireballs at me. [Rated M for language and violence. Rei: Shhh Zen, don't worry. Yes, again. --------------- Ps- Ive changed the timeline a little. This wouldn't be as awesome without him. Reborn Celestial King_Cheetah19 Summary: Harry Potter is reborn in another universe as a extraordinarily powerful being known as a celestial. [Fifth World]: [ MCU x X-men ] This work's creator has chosen to moderate comments on the work. [Fourth World]: [My Hero Acadamia] [The Life Simulator is on] If you like my writing, check out the Patreon! Even If I was a grown-up, I think I would cry. Wow, is my mom a fucking ninja? Mom, youre a badass. ----- Therefore Harry Potter would wait for now, the Reborn Celestial would be known as Give me your wallet. [Image by usr: 431101134] I am getting kind of sleepy. 5. Quill called as Nova looked at him, "You just destroyed a planet.". She dodged it and punched it in the chest multiple times. She placed one of the charges in his upper body and he placed one in the lower. Quill was behind him the whole time, planting bombs which were spread out. While playing an online game, after Luke bought an SSS rank gift card of Superman, he found himself in an unknown yes very familiar Marvel Universe. Threadmarks Informational Statistics (28 threadmarks, 130k words) Threadmarks Reader mode Prologue Words 3.3k Dec 27, 2021 Chapter 1 Words 4.8k Please support the official release and know I claim no ownership or credit regarding the existence of pre-existing characters or content. For the allies, the biggest, but far from only, success was the creation of Captain America, and his team managed to largely destroy Hydra. Author Note: I loved the "Game Creator on Marvel", but the release wasn't enough for me, so I decided to just write one for myself. Chitauri the word spilled out of his mouth before he even knew he was talking to himself. It's eroge and sex stuff. They were created by the legendary Jack Kirby back in 1976, and he envisioned them as the ultimate "space gods," who traveled the stars creating life and judging the races that evolved on the planets they had touched. Everyone started to dodge it, even the ones inside the ship. No Harem BTW He can do it again. He died before you were born. Maybe I will become a Merc one day. appreciated - KingCheetah19. Really? He planned to ignore Harry Potter to the best of his abilities, but Severus has always been much better at making plans than following them. She went on front and shot a energy blast at the back of the Creator. For more information, please see our Curse his Potter luck! Develop Super Soldier Serum in one month! Check out my other fics if you like this one by going into my profile. Quickly taken in by an elf-like man who saves her life from one such monster at risk of his own, she is raised happily for many years as she gains several new friends, However, as time passes and April slowly grows up again into a strong young woman, things don't stay as peaceful as pits filled with red light appear all over the world, making monsters go crazy with rage. AND I ALSO HAVE EMIYA'S PROJECTION MAGECRAFT?!!" Last, but not least, I don't own anything but my own characters, as I do not own the cover image, which I found on the internet. The Fantastic Four, Guardians of the Galaxy, New Avengers and the Secret Avengers must work together to take on the Creator -- a living Celestial who has said to be the creator of the universe. P.S. Harry Potter woke up as Shikamaru's younger sister and he would be damned if anyone thought he wasn't going to do anything about the freaking system where everyone thought child soldiers were perfectly fine. No Pokemon Harem - proper romance will be there. [Too friendly and close conversation] The only solace in his suffering was the various anime and manga made available to him between experiments. If the creator sees this and wants credit or wants me to take it down, just let me know. Helena was then set before Fate and Death gave her an alternate choice. Write a review Reading . Lol) Sauf que Tom est le seul garder en mmoire leurs multiples itrations. So, why am I still on earth? How do you have so much energy to commit mass murder? Quill asked, as Carol started thinking. [12th Final Arc - DC world - 663 - 704] -NoHarem #wolverine. [As the first target has been found, you also receive 500 million yen on your back account!] Salazar Slytherin fue mucho mas de lo que los libros de historia decian. Betad by Eider Down. I use to want to be a super hero but not anymore. The clan leader was your fianc. I see heroes fight all the time and it is a pain in the ass. Updates would be MWF and occasionally on Sunday too if I feel like it. Then, I hear something, I look over and see a girl with green eyes and blonde hair. This is my redemption story, so to speak. Quill was driving the ship with Gamora to his side. Loki said with a smile. I am just going to go. ", "I think it can't hear you." Advanced chapters are available there. ??? [A Harry Potter X Marvel Fanfic] With the Ultimate Marve System, he was asked to choose which side to join. -Wards The villain lights his hand on fire. Base Cover Art by ShuraKRGT Wait! "This Celestial is a pain in the ass." No Harem BTW But his kindness was greeted with ugly politics and betrayal from his loved ones. He literally was the planet they walked on, and he was able to create life connected to himself. (P)(A)(T)(R)(E)(O)(N) LINK: #bucky He shouldnt have been able to be reborn, yet he was. In a few seconds, she woke up and started flying again like nothing happened. Fue entonces cuando volvi a encontar su camino, su rumbo. Also, people are cowering in fear. The last thing Leonard thought was that he hoped he could have watched the newest Avengers movie. "It was not me who did this. . He can help his little sister when they moved to Beacon Hills filled with werewolves. He can do it again. I am hopeful that this story will help alleviate some of that by adding a new story where I can pursue a different angle. David Blake was hit by a Nokia 3310 on the head and is transported to the MCU with the power of the Sharingan Our current open positions are: Characters, events and timelines will be mixed to create the world the MC finds himself in after his abrupt transmigration. [8th major world - Bleach - 460 -492] By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. You guys can support me on -This is my 3rd book so please be gentle with me. tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson", Thanks for reading and please leave a review. [In this Marvel World, you will be given a choice sooner or later. "When you hear the explosions, fly up!". I never wanted this, any of this, but the universe and its sick sense of irony decided otherwise #WARNING Time seemed to pass in a different way than what its other life was like. Nick Fury: If any agent can't complete the Hitman game by next week, that agent will be fired from the Shield! The air seemed to shimmer as a being appeared out of nothing. Sometimes even longer chapters will be released. marvel . Chapter Length = 1300~1600 Words. Sorry, I can't refuse it." It is not like I am sad because I have no friends; okay, I am not. [Third World]: [Demon Slayer] Peter (15y/o) will get his powers in 2010. Opening the door he felt the telltale signs of a needle pricking his blood to verify his identity before granting him access to his robes. My name is Zen Shade. Mom even gave me Kurohime. One moment I was in my world, the next, well not there anymore, at least I was given something to survive. Nova nodded and they continued to fight the Celestial. That is the Iron Knight; son of Iron Man, Alex Stark. Who knew mom had such a back-story. "???????" Peter (15y/o) will get his powers in 2010. A history that theoretically shouldn't exist but did. An average guy reincarnates as Andrew Detmer with one of the most misunderstood and underrated ability in all of fiction. Some may consider this not a proper crossover, Overlord - Maruyama Kugane & Related Fandoms, Pandora's Actor (Overlord - Maruyama Kugane), Hadrian Argent and The Two Sides of a Story, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, The Mortal Instruments Series - Cassandra Clare, The Shadowhunter Chronicles - All Media Types, Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern | Sebastian Verlac, Harry Mortis: First Duskwalker in Generations, Vanya Hargreeves/Original Female Character(s), Viktor Hargreaves/Original Female Character (s), Buckle up people this one is going to be a doozy, Vanya is a member of the Umbrella Academy, Helena Potter will not let Reginald abuse her children, yes she managed to adopt all seven of them, The Hargreaves are protective over Helena, Ron or Hermione might come in this universe, Weird sort of reincarnated thing for helena, Pre-Transition Vanya Hargreeves | Viktor Hargreeves, A Dunderhead Walks into a Bar (he meets a hero there), Deathly Hallows and Drunken Butterflies: Variations on a Theme, Taking Aspects of Naruto & HP while mashing them together and making sense of it, I am sorry about that but plotbunnies write what they want, The Nara family is not as perfect as you might think, Nara's have the emotional span of a teaspoon, This Is Not Going To Go The Way You Think, Quote: I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good (Harry Potter), Alwin (Monster Hunter)/Original Character(s), Harry Potter & Original Male Character(s), Harry Potter & Original Female Character(s), TheAbyssLooksBack22 (Hydranthea_Potter_3), | Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Anime), Original Demon Slayer Corps Hashira | Pillar Character(s) (Kimetsu no Yaiba), Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Anime Spoilers, Alternate Universe - Buffy The Vampire Slayer Fusion, Godric Gryffindor & Helga Hufflepuff & Rowena Ravenclaw & Salazar Slytherin, Parselmouths & Parseltongue (Harry Potter), Akagami no Shanks | Red-Haired Shanks & Buggy, Akagami no Shanks | Red-Haired Shanks & Harry Potter, Akagami no Shanks | Red-Haired Shanks & Buggy & Gol D. Roger, Akagami no Shanks | Red-Haired Shanks & Gol D. Roger, Akagami no Shanks | Red-Haired Shanks & Roger Pirates, Akagami no Shanks | Red-Haired Shanks & Portgas D. Rouge, Akagami no Shanks | Red-Haired Shanks & Monkey D. Luffy, Akagami no Shanks | Red-Haired Shanks & Portgas D. Ace, Akagami no Shanks | Red-Haired Shanks & Sabo, Alternate Universe - Jurassic World Fusion. Don't complain later. For those of you waiting on an update on my other story Author: DREAMCATHER "Well" Rocket sighed, "We got our asses kicked by it." "Yeah" Quill reached into his bag and grabbed ten remote explosives, "will these help? The Ninjas attack. Alexander Maxim Universe, A kind old man, a war veteran, the most renowned scientist in the world. I have my sword in Arsonists shoulder and I am robbing him. Not only that, I came to this placefifteen years into the future. I have a whole lot planned out for this story so I do hope that you are all excited for more. However, something different awaited him on the other side. Thanks for reading! and he was reincarnated in marvel. If that's what it takes to give someone the life that they should have, then so be it. I was doing short chapters and dragging things out far to long in my last story. So yes, Harry Potter had a concussion and he couldnt move any of his limbs and that probably had something to do with the concussion he had previously mentioned. ********************************* So mom is TALKING TO NICK FUCKING FURY! After reincarnating into the body of a young Wizard on the Hogwarts Express. Arsonist looks confused. Even though Danny was an outsider from our village, he was the first to treat me with any decency AND YOU FUCKERS KILLED HIM! The point of no return, just like the death of Christine in What if? A man survives being sacrificed in a dark ritual and gains the power to turn to and reform from ash. [6th major world - Naruto - 330 - 402] Grammar sometimes sucks but bear with it. "I was just wondering because I'm a mix of Earth and Celestial myself. The clan leader was your fianc. (And I do mean light touch here.). Watch as he rises as a great man known as The Heavenly Yaksha in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will probably only upload it here occasionally, as this account isn't a priority of mine and just exists to stop others from stealing my intellectual property. [Elements are being chosen.] This is my very first fanfic and English is also not my first language. As I am thinking this, a pair of snow white breast are smashed into my face. There are a ton of DC SI's out there, but I've got a hankering for some Marvel stuff. This story is based on Marvel universe When Harry opens his eyes again, hes fully expecting to be with his family in the afterlife. Matthew decided he wouldn't waste this second chance. Carol asked. Smirking, Knull creates a shield out of the Living Abyss, absorbing the Energy attacks, and slashes his Necrosword at the closest Celestial, scratching him on his armour. Rolling my eyes, I grab the crystal from between the blades of the scepter, tear it free, and crush it in a fist. It turns into a Black Katana. The yellow light of the Mind Stone wreaths around me, filling the air in the room with a tangible psychic charge. ---------------------------------------------- (My p@treon-acc:; Don't forget to change the @ for an a) Why I am explaining this to a baby? *** 2022 Using his unique gift, he plans to wander the galaxy, as he enjoys the freedom his power grants him. Expect this story, and all my other stories, to be updated once a month for the foreseeable future. ElDaniWar said: . Harry Potters extremely long life of 176 years was a blink to the new being. WHAT THE FUCK! I'm a big fan of both Danmachi and Type moon so I had this idea of a crossover fanfiction for a while. - No System She is wearing an Avengers Academy uniform. Wow, this is like fucking Rush Hour. Where you from? Lol) "Hey! Neglected, pushed aside and shunned by his own village, he does his best to survive.With his magic, his chakra and his friends, he vows to become the greatest ninja in order to bring peace to the Shinobi world. She then holds up a picture. I think it's the celestial." I will give credit to my inspiration as much as I can, I promise. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (There will be no change in the canon until the New York War ends) They were ready so Quill exploded it. Now, everyone is afraid of me. [1st major world - Harry potter. -There will be some random movies added in that won't interfere too much on the MCU plot, so beware. Kids have been getting powers a lot lately. Though I will promise it will happen sometime in the future. Shes very temperamental. It hit Gamora and Quill and they both got really hurt. Follow Zeke and his creations dominate the parallel world! Its just a coincidence. --- Nova went on front and introduced himself, "Basically we're a group who can kick ass to guys like you. Kids have been getting powers a lot lately. His sight was blurry and almost black not that his eyesight was good before, but he wasnt blind, alright? Happy reading. Will you be one of the good guys, or will you fall to the dark side? No fue cosa de magia, por ms extrao que pudiera parecer a estas alturas. However, something different awaited him on the other side. I close my eyes and I fall asleep. Harry Potter died. ---------- First published Oct 17, 2021 story of a soldier Leonard who died saving a little girls life . Even if it means being the Good Son for his mother who pushed their hunting lifestyle onto him. I look over and see a girl with green eyes and blonde hair. Whenever he acquires a skill, basic knowledge related to the skill gets installed in his head. [Please choose one.] Helena Potter was done with being the Women-Who-Lived or whatever weird title they decided to give her. Alex was an ordinary person with the dream of one day being transmigrated to a magical world. Will he reach the peak with the help of his AI Chip or will he die trying. I see a man in an Iron suit fly buy. The ship them flew to him to pick him up which left Carol and Quill to deal with the Creator. This is a SI, he is random guy that transmigrates in the body of Jaune with the power "The Gamer" I've read it a couple of times, it's very good. * Nova punched the Creator in the face and its hand crashed into the planet, causing it to explode. The Allies, of course, responded in kind, and Howard Stark was at the forefront of that fight. Zen, don't worry. 2022-06-30; wreck on 1942 crosby, tx today Please know I claim no ownership or credit regarding the original characters. But I'll try to improve along the way. With the Marvel Technology System, Zekes' Technology has been directly ahead of the world for hundreds of years! ". you?" If you like my writing, check out the Patreon! ===== I don't have an editor so the conversations and descriptions might be little stiff. Can he survive in this dangerous world? #wanda always My SI/OC Vali Masters continues his 'adventures' into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Or. Adam took it hard that he became unconscious. You can read 240+ more chapters ahead and 3+ chapters everyday with the access to my patreon page. Into marvel as a celestial Sci-fi 16 Chapters 1.3M Views Author: Witch_King_2838. I'm suprised there isn't more SI's and OC dealing with the marvel universe. One day she was kidnapped tortured and murdered. Original Author: Fish in the Sea of Clouds At that point, she wasn't really surprised. He often imagined himself as the protagonist in a world of his own, finally in control of his own destiny. You can't understand me. The Creator said as the planet behind him was being destroyed. The Name of the Game - A RWBY Fic. You should be ashamed. Of course, things are never that simple for Harry. It's an eroge-focused story that isn't focused on serious stuff as you see in DC or Marvel universe. Zen: I had no intention of helping. Male Lead: Peter Parker or Spider-Man (Tom Holland) #natasha [11th major world - Dragon Ball - 595 - 663] ***Warning - No Harem, Extremely OP protagonist, more of a slice of life story. In the media, he was hailed as a great hero who would usher in a new era or human wellness. tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits. ", "I'm a little bit of Earth and Kree. The last title was the special one, in his past life, he shouldnt have been able to die, yet he did. I begin to cry. He made a super-effective medicine for cancer. It has her and a man with dark brown skin in it. With little time left, they must stop this being from d #avengers In a few minutes, the ship returned with an awaken Nova and they joined the battle. Energy arcs over my hand, and blue fragments tinkle to the floor. Reborn as a celestial in marvel Anime & Comics 36 Chapters 1.4M Views Author: Jkxngxz 4.21 (54 ratings) Read Add to Library Report story About Table of Contents Synopsis What happens when a human is reincarnated as apart of an cosmic immortal race known as the space gods of the marvel universe THE CELESTIALS. Stay tuned! Then I decided to see if I could write this without it taking 100K+ words.